I guess my first new years resolution is to make a list of resolutions, so here it is:

1. Take Emmet to the park (or somewhere similar) every day.
2. Read one book a month (I used to do this for a book group in DC, but now I'm out of the habit).
3. Call my out-of-town friends at least once a month.
4. Travel to a foreign country (the goal is to go to a different country every year, we'll see if we can make it happen).
5. Go to deep water (or shallow water) aerobics once a week.
6. Lose the rest of my baby weight (those last 5 pounds will not go away...grrr!)
7. Be a better blogger.
8. Pretend I'm a Top Chef and cook a new recipe once a week.
9. Buy for quality, not quantity.
10. Take a class at SCAD.


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