What's your theme song?

"Whenever I get depressed, I raise my hemlines. If things don't change, I am bound to be arrested. Do you ever wish you could erase a whole day from your life, a year even?" - Ally McBeal

 Anyone remember Ally McBeal? Early on in the show her therapist tells her to pick a theme song or mantra to think about when she was upset. She picked "Tell Him," performed by Vonda Shepard and repeatedly played throughout the show. So here's my song, "Life's a Happy Song." Yeah, it's a Muppet song, don't judge me.


Instagram for Android has arrived!

Braver than you believe

Well said Pooh.

Taste of the Irish

Came across this scrumptious Etsy shop called Tookies. How perfect are these St. Patrick's Day themed cake-in-a-jar treats? Dessert should always look this good.

PS - they're offering 20% everything until Easter with coupon code EASTERUP. Get on it!

KONY 2012

I dare you to take 30 minutes and watch this video. I dare you to join the movement and stop Joseph Kony. Spread the word.

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