Online Sample Sales

Have you noticed the trend of having"private" online sale websites? Ones where they feature sales of high end brands on specific dates and times? I've seen so many sites pop up, such as RueLaLa, HauteLook, Gilt, Editors Closet and even Mini Social (for moms, babies and kids clothing). Honestly I don't know how "private" these sales are. I think they just want shoppers to feel special. But if you're having a hard time gaining access to any of those sites and you'd like to check them out, email me and I'll forward you an invite. Then you can feel special too.

Unfortunately, when these sites feature sales of popular brands at low low prices- they sell out very quickly. The least expensive stuff usually goes first- like the Ella Moss sale today. There were quite a few cute tops under $50, but by the time I logged into the sale they were gone. Booooo! I guess you have to be quick to get the goods...or you have to time your baby's naps and feedings around online sales. That just seems wrong.

After all of my perusing of these sales, I've only purchased one pair of Goldsign pants for under $15 (after shipping thanks to a good coupon code). That was just last week and was a major score! In this economy, I can only justify so much online shopping. Thank god online window shopping is free!


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