These are a few of my favorite things...

Being a lover of lists, here's a list of some of my favorite things as of late (not including friends, family and pets - those are a given):
  1. Aveda Smooth Infusion Line - Aveda is awesome and this line of products keeps my hair soft and shiny. Did you know that Aveda is the first beauty company to manufacture with 100% wind power?

  2. Atmospheres Salon - I found this small Aveda salon in Savannah and I just love my hairdresser Thomas - super nice and talented. I highly recommend him, tell him Jen sent you!

  3. Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals - I have the starter kit, but daily I use the foundation (in fairly light) and blush (glee). I received the kit as a present and now and I can't live without it. So quick, easy and natural looking!

  4. MOP (modern organic products) Lemongrass Lift - Been using this for three years now and I'm addicted. I think it's made with crack. Is crack organic?

  5. OPI nail polish - Besides awesome colors with creative names (like my favs Linoln Park after Dark and I'm Not Really a Waitress) these polishes don't contain bad for you stuff like DBP (dibutyl phtalate) and toluene. Another plus, they don't test on animals.

  6. Body Shop's Hemp Lip Protector - bought this at the airport on a whim and it's fantastic! Kinda herbal smelling (no it doesn't smell like pot and you can't smoke it, so please don't try). Hey! I just found out it's made with community trade beeswax from Zambia. This stuff gets an A+.

  7. New music - I'm loving the Juno soundtrack (still need to see the movie) and I'm also diggin Kate Nash - Made of Bricks. I'm also missing my muzak b**tch back in DC (you know who you are). I haven't received a good mp3 disk in ages - GRR!

  8. The Library - free books are always good. Even when they charge me late fees (I'm habitually late), it's cheaper than buying brand new paperbacks.

  9. Netflix Play Now movies online - if you get netflix you can watch tons of movies and (tv shows that are out on dvd) online for free. It's great for rainy days like today.

  10. - Over the past six months we've used craigslist to find our rental house, chris' art studio, a washer and dryer and a canoe. Where would we be without craigslist??? Homeless, unhappy, dirty and on land...that's where.

  11. Real Estate Listings - I am obsessed. I don't think we're ready to buy just yet, but I can't stop window shopping for houses.


Anonymous said...
April 21, 2008 at 6:46 PM

I totally dig Aveda, too. In fact, I drive all the way to Savannah just to go to the salon. hmm...I guess that isn't very green or efficient. But, it is such bliss.

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