Nerds are for Birds

When the weather is nice, you'll often finding me working outdoors - laptop in tow. Today I'm on our back stoop being distracted by all the birds. First I saw a bright red cardinal, then a blue jay, then some gray and white bird and another I didn't recognize. I hate not being able to determine what type of bird I'm looking at - does that make me a bird nerd? This past weekend, Chris and I went canoeing (our maiden voyage with our new-to-us-but-totally-used Indian River 16-footer, which we christened "Chief") and saw TONS of birds. We realized that we really don't know our southeastern feathered friends. So today during a slow work moment, I decided to do some online research and found RightBird. So great. It's an online tool to help you identify birds. You select your region, the bird's shape, color, size, etc. and it narrows down the possibilities for you. You can even listen to the bird's call, if you're so curious. So the next time you have a Bird Nerd moment, grab your iPhone (if you're so privileged, I'm not) and find the RightBird. Now there's that cardinal again...if only I was Snow White, he'd totally land on my finger.

Fluke the Mutant Blue Cardinal (as pictured above) can be purchased through, get this, Bird Nerd on Etsy. I'm glad I'm not the only nerd.


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