No apologies

Usually I apologize when I've been a bad blogger, ignoring the wonderful wide world of the web. But since I'm preggers and that has become my excuse for everything - you're not getting an apology. Chalk it up to back aches and cupcake cravings. It's cool.

But I'm back today and figured I'd try to blog about something...anything! Lately I've been obsessed with baby stuff - shocking I know. I've been reading all sorts of fun blogs like Ohdeedoh, Momfinds, CoolMomPicks and of course the Celebrity Baby Blog. Today I was checkin out the blogosphere when I noticed that someone had mentioned the new Sami Hayek home line at Target. Yes, Mr. Hayek is related to Selma - get over it. He's famous in his own right and for good reason. The line is kind of a stretch for him but definitely worth checking out. It's geared towards teens, or so it seems - but I'm thrilled to announce my search for the perfect throw pillow for my office sofa is over. This little stripey number is just what I needed. A punch of hot pink with a little green to bring it all together. Yay! But the more I look at the pillow the more I want a nap...


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