Nightswimming with Mr. November

Chris and I were in Atlanta this weekend, mainly to attend the REM concert at the Lakewood Amphitheater. Such a great show and we got sooooo lucky with the weather (the thunderstorm didn't hit till late that night). The National and Modest Mouse opened (I heart Modest Mouse, although I wished they'd played more of their older stuff). The National was selling tshirts that said Mr. November (name of one of their songs) and Obama on it. So great, wish I'd bought one. Grrr! Anyhoo...Michael Stipe shook his thang and they played a great mix of oldies and new stuff. Here's the set list:

1) These Days
2) Living Well
3) So Fast So Numb
4) What's the Frequency Kenneth
5) Time After Time
6) Driver 8
7) Man Sized Wreath
8) Walk Unafraid
9) Hollow Man
10) Ignoreland
11) Houston
12) Electrolite
13) (Don't Go Back To) Rockville, (Mike on lead)
14) Auctioneer
15) Harbourcoat
16) The One I Love
17) I've Been High
18) Let Me In, (accoustical version with Bill R. joining on guitar)
19) Bad Day
20) Horse to Water
21) Orange Crush
22) I'm Gonna DJ
23) Supernatural Superserious
24) Losing My Religion
25) Pretty Persuasion
26) NightSwimming
27) Fall on Me (with Johnny Marr)
28) Man on the Moon (also with Johnny Marr)


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