Duck, Duck Goose

This week I'm coming atcha from Duck, NC in the Outer Banks. Unfortunately I'm still working most of the week, but there's definitely worse places to work remotely from. Chris' aunt and uncle have a house that's a couple blocks from the beach, so we're staying here with my in-laws. Today is sunny in the mid-70s (might get warmer) and breezy. Right now Chris and my father-n-law are off kayaking and my mother-n-law is parked on the beach reading. If all goes well I'll join her down on the beach in a few hours. In the meantime Leftie (the inlaws black lab) and I are stuck here at the house, but at least there's wifi and I can work from the deck! So although I'm bummed to be working, I should be thankful to be able to work outside in good weather and in the company of a cute dog. Right? Right!


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