Doing Time in PayPal Purgatory

I apologize in advance for the long rant below - somehow when a website does me wrong I feel the need to publicly vent.

How long does it take to update your mailing address and phone number on the PayPal website? It should take a matter of minutes. If the system works correctly.

Paypal prides itself on being secure. Soooo secure that they make you confirm that you are indeed the account holder before you can make certain changes to your profile. Their method of doing this involves calling you and then you have to give them a confirmation number. This is where I ran into trouble. The only number that they gave as an option to call was my old work number. Great. It didn't give me the option of my current phone number (even though I had it listed as my home phone and the primary contact number). GRRRRR! The other option was to contact me by phone at a specific address, but the only address they gave me as an option was my old address that I was trying to remove. Confused yet? Yeah, it shouldn't be this hard. I'm pretty adept at navigating websites, even ones that aren't so user friendly. After trying multiple times to resolve this online, I noticed a phone number that you can call to update your profile through customer service. Long story short it took 2 representatives and a half hour to remove an address and a phone number from my profile. Moral of the story: not sure there is one, but PayPal either needs smarter customer service folks or they need to sort out these bugs in their system.


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