Accessorizing the homestead

For some reason, every time I move I find myself buying a new shower curtain (or in this case two). Why is that? In the past when I bought plastic ones, they'd inevitably get gross and instead of cleaning them I'd just toss them. But now I'm older, wiser, hopefully greener and (I must admit) I've become a shower curtain snob. Not with other people's showers (OPS), but just my own. I must have a fabric shower curtain with a heavyweight top notch liner. Oh and not just any fabric shower curtain will do.

This time around I have a vision of a spa-like retreat for our master bath. If only I had a fancy spa budget...le sigh. But with money being a big deciding factor I opted for a plain white waffle weave shower curtain. Something about white in a bathroom makes me happy. Like white towels. White towels are perfect. You can bleach them if they become dingy, they match most everything and they just scream CLEAN. Believe me, I've tried colored towels, but they're just not as satisfying. But I was talking about shower curtains, wasn't I?

So for the guest bath... what to do with the guest bath??? Right now the bathroom is painted a medium taupe-like brown color. We'll probably repaint eventually to brighten up the space, but for now I'm going to work with it. I considered making the guest bath the baby's bathroom - but I figured there's going to be enough baby paraphernalia lying around the house, I really don't need to bring it into another room (even though the baby bath, towels, etc will inevitably wind up there). SO long shower curtain story short... I ordered one from C2b. See above (of course I had to get the matching green mat - made from bamboo - sorry no pic of that). The bright green stripes make it fun n' funky but it's simple enough to still fit with our modern clean line sensibilities. Oh did I mention that our baby bathtub is a clawfoot? Nice to look at but it's going to be a bit challenging I think. I'll definitely need a stool to sit on and when the baby is walking he or she will need it to just get into the tub. But at least we'll look cute throughout, right? hehe.

Oh just for giggles, here's the bathmat I bought for my spa-zen master bath. It's made from renewable bamboo. I was craving a lovely wooden teak mat, but yoweeee they were pricey (especially for the ones certified as made from sustainable teak forests). This green stuff gets pricey. OK that's all the rambling and run on sentences for the blog today. More soon, I'm sure!


MappyB said...
May 1, 2008 at 7:18 PM

Cute! I love the green stripes. And I have the white waffle weave one in our bathroom too - from Target - with a thick white liner. I bought light gray hand towels and all white washcloths. I am loving the white for some reason too. Enough of the colored towels. That's so college. Cute mat too! I do love those teak ones! The Giaim catalogs have some nice things in them to if you get them. OK, we can ramble in person. Just wanted to post. Hola!

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