Totally tornadic

After a fun day at the beach on Sat, Chris and I came home to a series of unfortunate tornadic events. First: due windy weather and an unlocked back door, our cat Derby got out. Luckily we found him, frightened under our back stoop. Second: stormy winds knocked out our power at 11pm cutting our night short, so much for DVRing SNL. Third: At 12:30am the local emergency siren (which is wicked loud and scary) went off to alert us to a tornado warning. Being that Southerners don't believe in basements, we spent 20 minutes huddled in a hallway in the center of the house wishing we'd bought batteries for the radio. Have I mentioned that I'm terrified of tornados? I think it comes from growing up in California, where tornados were pretty much unheard of. I'll take an earthquake over a tornado anyday.

Wild Screaming Cat, painting by blueyeduckstudios available for purchase on Etsy.


MJ said...
March 19, 2008 at 11:49 AM

I was wondering if you got the nasty weather there. Glad all is well.

(The bathroom tub is also usually a good spot, but any windowless room is the best.)

Talk soon.

Jen (Pink) Williams said...
March 26, 2008 at 3:48 PM

We thought about the tub, but the tub is right near a window. But if I heard a tornado coming, I'd drag our mattress into the bathroom and throw it over the tub (just like they did on one episode of desperate housewives - hehe). Not sure how I'd get the queen-sized mattress into the bathroom, but I'm sure adrenaline would help me figure that one out.

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