Cookie of the Day

Maybe it's because tomorrow is the annual St Patty's Day parade, maybe it's because it's 75 degrees out and sunny, maybe I'm in the mood for spring... but I want to make these yummy sounding Lime Meltaway cookies. And once I'm done with my workday I'm going to do just that. They sound easy enough to make and any excuse to whip out my Kitchen Aid mixture makes me happy. Some kitchen appliances are not only fun to use, but this mixer is so awesome that just looking at it brings me joy. I think it's because I wanted one for so long and it really does make baking MUCH easier. Anyways, back to cookies! In case you've missed it, Martha Stewart has been featuring cookie recipes all week on her show to highlight her new cookie recipe book (I need this book). I think after this recipe I'm going to have to make her chocolate mint cookies. mmm. Supposedly better than the girl scout version (I know that's practically blasphemy, but we're talking Martha here, she should know).

Oh other news. My brother is a married man. Sorry ladies, he's off the market. We had a great time this past weekend in Long Island. Got to meet my sis-n-law in person and even though we didn't have much time to get to know one another, she seems lovely. And anyone who makes my bro so happy is tops in my book. Awww. Enough mushy gushy. So beyond wedding activities, Chris and I did spend some time cruising around the 'gold coast' of LI. There are some serious mansions on the island, and we didn't even see the hamptons. Had lunch at a quaint little harbor town and I swear to god, never saw so many real high end designer clothes and handbags. And we were eating in a diner. $5 burgers people. I guess even $3K bag toting ladies who lunch like to lunch on greasy burgers. It's nice to know we have something in common. At the airport this girl was in line in front of me at the coffee joint. She had a Dolce and Gabbana leather handbag (this season) and an LV carry on bag. No fakes here. She looked younger than me by a few years and I couldn't help but wonder - what does this girl do for a living? Is she independantly wealthy (if so please impart your financial wisdom) or is she a trust fund kid? Even if I was crazy rich, I don't think I'd carry a super pricey purse. I mean really, I'm scared enough of being mugged walking in the city with my target special over my shoulder. If someday I'm blessed with financial wealth, I'd like to think that I'd spend the money on travel and gifts to friends and family and not some purse that's going out of fashion in 6 months. But who knows, I do love to shop! Just a random sidenote: After a long weekend surrounded by stereo-typcial impatient, loud, pushy NYers, I was yearning to return south to folks who at least fake like they're nice. They need to import some southern manners northward. I'll have to work on that. Until my next posting, have a happy week!


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