It's gonna be a fun run

So I think I jinxed it for Hillary. Just as I received my Hillary for Prez bumber sticker in the mail and affixed it onto my car, she lost in Iowa. I blame myself. But to be completely truthful, I like Obama, Hillary and Edwards. The democrats have a good group to choose from and I'm having a hard time deciding who I like best. At first I went for a more known factor, a comfortable Clinton. But by the time her sticker finally reached my house, I was having mixed feelings. Obama has such energy and he's got a way of moving people. Is he our Bobby Kennedy? Time will tell. I think the Republicans have a much worse decision on their hands. I mean really, Huckabee? Any time evangelist and politician are mentioned in the same sentence I get scared. But that's just me. He's had some great photo ops though. Not all candidates are backed by Walker, Texas Ranger. Maybe Oprah and Chuck Norris should duke it out? Now that would make fine television.


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