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So after all that e-window shoppin, did I buy anything on etsy today? no. But that doesn't mean I walked away from my computer empty handed. I really tried to be good...but I fell into that dark hole of a website - EBAY.
I found a leather valentino bag and got it for a steal! When it comes in the mail I'll post a picture of it (if it's cute, otherwise you'll find it back up on ebay). MMMM I want some of those cookies!


MappyB said...
October 1, 2007 at 7:31 AM

I love sea urchins! I bought a really cute one from a place called Amos Pewter in Nova Scotia this summer; I want to buy the rest of the collection! Etsy is a great place, I have a friend that sells jewelry there (I'll have to find her info). Also, if you like Etsy, you'd love the blog Design Sponge if you haven't found it already! They go to a new website today - designspongeonline.com I think.

violet said...
June 15, 2008 at 2:49 PM

Ullja's "bakery" has been shut down by the state of TX (being unlicensed and in a residence). Do a google.com for ullja + fraud or Etsy + fraud for more information, and info re: her bead shop fraud.

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