Morning Rituals

Weekdays = morning walks in the park

Ever since we've moved into the Baldwin Park neighborhood, I've enjoyed my morning jaunt through Daffin Park. Before school started for Chris, he'd join me and bring along a cup o' coffee and we'd slowly wake up while doing a lap or two. That doesn't sound like much, but one lap is about a mile and a half. On our first walk, it surprised me when strangers greeted us with "Good Morning!" But now I'm one of those people. I'm a greeter. Everyone who crosses my path gets a "Hi there" "How ya doin?!" or the standard "Mornin!" I'm one of the regulars now and when I see other regulars it's like seeing old friends, although I don't know their names. There's the two ladies with their canes sitting on a bench by the lake, the mom with her camera and toddler son in tow, the older black woman who sings gospel music and waves her hands in the air while walking, the old-school southern woman who fast walks and knows everyone and everything in Savannah... but my favorite is this retired guy who usually is on his bike with a cigar in his mouth riding slowly while his friend walks alongside. They're great. The walker is quiet but always says hi, whereas the biker is always cheery and often teases me. Lately he's been asking where my bodyguard is (when Chris isn't with me). And you know what happens then? I think The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance with Somebody (that one gets stuck for a while, with the irony being Whitney couldn't dance - just watch the video, you'll see what I mean), which leads to Bobby Brown and My Prerogative. You see, random comments can be dangerous.

Photos via City of Savannah


Laura Bucci said...
October 26, 2007 at 2:21 PM

Hi Jen, your morning ritual sounds really nice. What a nice spot and interesting characters. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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