Art 101: Topics in American History and How to Connect a Laptop to an Overhead Projector

Poor Marcus Kenney. He was all ready to go in his hipster attire (loved the pants), ready for his moment in the Jepson sun, but the art gods were not smiling down on Telfair last night. The audio-visual equipment was not working properly (meaning the Telfair obviously doesn't keep a tech on hand for such oopsies), so Marcus couldn't show us images from his NY show. Boo Telfair! Get your act together!!! With the $10 admission fees you're charging, you could at least hire some SCAD kid with a computer tech background to sit around for an hour or two to help out. All was not lost though, Marcus killed time by telling Coney Island stories and then launched into a casual talk about his work. He's definitely a good ol' southern boy turned contemporary artist- but there's a certain charm to that. Apparently he started out as a photographer and then moved on to sculptural installation, which somehow evolved into collage paintings. Go figure. Overall I liked his work, even if some of it wasn't technically all that. But my educational background is not in art, so all I can go on is what appeals to me. My favorite piece was probably the one titled Everything Ever Said, which was a sculptural piece made from cartoon word bubbles (conversation bubbles - you know what I'm talking about, right?) and what I think was cardboard. It just cracked me up and I like that in my art. My other fav was the babies that line the main stairway in the gallery. Word on the street is they're for sale - Babies for Sale - might have to look into that.

You know what was weird though - to go to an art event, look around and not recognize a soul. Someday... someday we'll know people!
After the talk we walked over to Molly MacPherson's for some dinner. We've been there a couple times and it's always consistantly good. Not thrilling, but good. Recently we got the VIP discount card from, thinking since we eat out SO much we might as well get some discounts. I thought for sure Molly's was on the list and it is - but according to the waitstaff they no longer participate. eh well. It was only going to get us 15% off. But I'm still lovin the VIP card - some great deals. If you're the rare Savannahite (is that what we call ourselves?) reading my blog, check out the discount card. I think it's worth it.
That's all for now. Hoping to check out the Baldwin Park Neighborhood Association mtg tomorrow morning and 7pm there's the opening game for our local roller derby team. Go Derby Devils! Tough girls on skates. I'm a little scared, but it could b fun!


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