A long and winding road

After a 12-hour roadtrip last Thursday, we're finally here in Savannah. If I could use one word to describe the ride down it would be Drama. I had a tire blowout on 95 just south of DC and had to be towed to a tire shop. Then 8 hours later Derby (my orange kitty) couldn't handle it any longer and peed in his crate - ick! After cleaning up Derbs and his stinky cage, we got back on the road. Not an hour later, a truck in front of Chris lost a large crate (or was it a box? who knows), sending it into the middle of our lane. Chris just missed it, but I had to slam on my brakes causing all of the junk in my backseat/trunk to lunge forwards, pushing the passenger seat and Derby's crate up near my dash. Derby was on "kitty valium" for the trip, but that didn't calm him enough to withstand the long ride. He meowed like crazy, especially after the near collision! We were fortunate not to be rearended. But thank god, we made it to blazin' hot Savannah in one piece. Now to unpack boxes and get settled...


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