Pink carpet?

Yesterday, the woman who is buying our house came over with a carpet installation guy for an estimate. Chris and I were floored (no pun intended...okay, it was totally intended). The thought of covering our beloved hardwood floors is horrifying enough, but the carpet samples they brought were pink and red. Seriously, pink and red carpet samples. Our poor, poor house. We've loved it for two years, taking it from a 70s revival style to a "modern beach" esthetic. I know people have different tastes - but no one, I repeat no one with taste would EVER install pink carpet into a home. Our adorable first home is going to get Ugly. I guess I just have to accept that fact and move on.

Speaking of moving - tomorrow the movers come and Thursday we're outta here. I'll be taking a week hiatus from blogging. But please send us your good movin' vibes. My next post will be from The South, y'all. Have a great week!


MJ said...
August 2, 2007 at 8:30 AM

At least you know you're leaving it behind you, so no worries about having to stare at a pink carpet all the time!

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