The Eddie & Derby Show

I promise I'm not going to turn into a blogger than only writes about her cats. That would make me an e-cat lady and I can't go there. BUT... as I was reading my Entertainment Weekly yesterday I came across this advertisement for a new show on ABC Family called Slacker Cats. Honest to god I didn't realize that ABC had signed on Eddie and Derby to star in their own show, but there they are in cartoon form in all their glory playing xbox (or is it playstation? I'm not hip to the game scene, sorry).

In other news we finally had our settlement closing on our house in Baltimore!!! It wasn't the easiest process. Closing was scheduled for 4pm, but at 2pm we were notified that the final settlement amount was not crediting us for the final home insurance and property tax payments made out of our escrow acct. Apparently, Baltimore City is very slow in processing those payments. Our mortgage company sent in the payment, but the City takes 30 days to process it. So Chris along with our real estate agent spent about 4 hours on the phone between the mortgage company, the City, the title company, and the buyer's agent trying to come to some resolution. Long story short - we fought the good fight and won. Whew! After all that we decided to treat ourselves to our favorite pizza place (possibly ever, but so far at least in Savannah) the Mellow Mushroom. So yummy I could eat there daily. I'd be horribly fat, but happy. nuf for now...more later.


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