Best Picture Nominees Menu

I'm slightly obsessed with the Oscars, specifically the Best Picture nominees (and of course the red carpet). Last year I threw a small party and created a dinner menu based on the nominated films. It went over so well that I'm doing it again. Here's my proposed menu:

Extremely Good Wine and Incredibly Cold Beer
Midnight in Peartinis
The Artist-an Cheese Plate
The Descendants on a Log (see recipe for Ants on a Log, in case you have not heard of this kid-friendly appetizer)
Hugo-at Cheese and Tomato Salad (this recipe looks good)
Moneyball-park Franks with War Horse-radish
Tree of Life mini casseroles (see recipe for Broccoli and Cheese Casseroles at the Eat Yourself Thin blog)
The Help-me-it's-so-good Chocolate Pie (don't worry nothing but chocolately goodness in this pie!)

Of course we'll all fill out ballots and whoever gets the most right will win their very own Oscar (hand made my moi) and bragging rites. If I had time...I'd make these incredible Oscar Trophy cookies! What are you doing for the Oscars?


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