Good Luck, Dragon Style

Love this from LaineyGossip:
"Chinese New Year’s Day is Monday, January 23. So, as I say every year, and people forget (!!!): clean all weekend because Good Luck Avoids A Mess. Throw out all your old sh-t - in the closets, in the fridge, in your cupboards; get rid of the trash, wipe everything down, wash the car (people always forget about the car), launder your clothes, and in particular the entrance to your home must be clear. There must not be clutter around the front door or lying around in the front hall when the New Year arrives. Give Good Luck a smooth passage inside. Go to bed on fresh sheets and in clean clothes (I always break out a new pair of pyjamas) on Sunday night. Starting Monday though and for 3 full days afterwards, 5 if you can manage - no sweeping, dusting, nothing, not even removing nail polish. Some old schoolers won’t even wash their hair. I try not to wash mine on New Year’s Day proper but in these modern times, it can be unrealistic. The most important thing is not to remove the new year energy out of your home. And definitely surround yourself with as much love and support on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as possible. Dinner with friends, family, and lots of food."


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