Happy Belated New Year

It's almost February and I'm finally getting into this 2010 thing. I figured it's time to get back into blogging, especially since I have more time on my hands than usual. I was recently let go from my job, my awesome work from home job. Had a feeling my fulltime work from home job situation was too good to be true. I had a good run though. Two and a half years of working in my pajamas. I should be thankful and I am. Plus, maybe I need a new job. A new challenge. Maybe working outside the home will enable me to meet some new and interesting people. You never know. So with a new year and dreams of a new job, I bring you a new blog layout. Let's shake it up people!

Here's the totally like Pink new years resolutions:
1. Get a job.
2. Get moving! Think yoga, learning how to swim already (yes, I can't swim...don't mock me), hiking, biking, etc.
3. Get out of debt (specifically credit cards).
4. Get stylie (throw out yucky old clothes and focus on some quality outfits).
5. Get creative (think cooking, organizing, crafting, playtime).

That will do for now.
On a different note - please pray for/send good vibes to the people of Haiti. And if you haven't done so already, please donate. They need all the help they can get.


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