A bunch of Bull at the Chophouse

Was it the competition from Ruth's Chris that made owners of Il Pasticcio and it's upstairs counterpart the Bull Street Chophouse merge forces? Or was it just bad timing with the economy? Either way I was disappointed last night to enter through the doors marked Bull Street Chophouse just to find myself in the back of the Italian restaurant looking for some direction on what to do. Should I go upstairs? Should I wait for a hostess? Eventually a hostess did take us upstairs to an empty dining room with a view of the kitchen. Our server was great, the food was okay, but overall it was a disappointment. The menu said Il Pasticcio and I had to ask our server for clarification on what restaurant we were actually dining in. It turns out the restaurants have merged, along with the menus. The upstairs space is used for groups, overflow on busy nights, and for diners who want a quieter meal. We had brie for an appetiser, which was served with a small slice of Savannah Bee Company honeycomb. That was quite tasty - they could have just served bread with honeycomb and I would have been happy. My overpriced entree of lobster ravioli was okay, not thrilling. My husband had the rack of lamb and loved it. So all was not lost. Here's my advice to the owners: if the Chophouse space is to be used for a quieter romantic dining experience they really should lower the lights, light up some candles on the tables (they were there, just not lit) and play some soft music. All the elements were there, they just weren't on. Instead we listened to the chatter of the chefs. I won't be going back anytime soon.


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