Every girl (Jentionary: girl means any female - young or old - because I refuse to think I'm no longer a girl) needs a girls weekend. I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with some truly wonderful girls in Atlanta at the W Hotel Midtown. The hotel was awesome, Spice Market was yummy, Whiskey Bar was...entertaining, but the true highlight was the Bliss Spa. Now, don't go to Bliss for luxury, you won't find it. At least not at the spa I went to. It was a little disappointing in that regard. But I would go back time and time again for the Bliss Oxygen Blast combined with the alpha beta peel. Never have I left a spa after a facial treatment and looked so good. Almost a week later and my skin still looks smoother and clearer. Highly, highly recomend this treatment for anyone. Ok, if you have wicked sensitive skin the peel might not be good for you. But otherwise, try it and thank me later.


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