What's the Skinny?

Not sure what to make of Skinny in the City. It's got the cute and catchy theme, but does it have substance? Maybe visitors to this site aren't looking for substance, but darnit, I am. But does SITC deliver?

I give a big thumbs up for their restaurant reviews and ordering guides. How cool is that? The next time I visit NYC or San Fran I'll definitely visit the site for tips on where (and what) to eat. Now if only I lived in a major city (although if they'd review some Atlanta restaurants that could come in handy).

The site also provides nutritious recipes (especially since the site is backed by a well known dietitian) and exercise tips. All that is fine and dandy. I don't think it's provided in the most user friendly format. I'd like to see a list of recipes, or categories that I could click on for recipes. But instead they post a new recipe each week. Hmm. Exercise tips are even harder to find. There's no specific category that I can find for exercise. Am I wrong or don't you need to combine exercise with diet to lose weight? Hmm.

Last compliant, I swear: I feel a bit dumbed down by having trendy girls with assigned backgrounds/personalities for each section. Are these girls supposed to be role models? Am I supposed to relate to them on some level and therefore connect to the site in a new and exciting way? Or are they just there to be pretty? I wish they just had the girls as a graphic on the homepage and that's it. OR if these women were real women with real photos, that would interest me more. If I want cartoon characters I'll watch Disney movies. All that being said, the site has some valuable information on it and their weekly e-newsletter might be a fun read. I'll keep checking it out for a couple months before I give it pass final judgement.


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