Belly Bandit

The closer I get to my due date, the worse I am about blogging. Go figure. I'm 7 days and counting! But as my doctor said, estimating due dates isn't an exact science - so I could easily be a week or so later than my due date of Oct 2nd. So basically, baby will arrive when he feels like it. For now he's happy kicking my ribs.

So recently I entered a contest at SouthernMamas for a Belly Bandit and as luck would have it, I won! I was so excited as I'd been eyeballing belly bandits for months now, thinking post preg how I was going to get back in shape. Granted, I'm sure I'll need some exercise and eating right to get back in my pre-preg jeans, but I think the Belly Bandit might help matters. Plus the one I got is so cute (it's the one with the pink hearts, of course)! I'll have to report back on how it works. It's the rage with all the celebs, including my fav 90210 gal, Tori...OK what has Oprah come to, she's got a woman on the show mamboing with her dog. No joke. Sorry I got distracted. Anyhow, wish me luck on labor, delivery and shrinking my belly! I'll try to blog again soon.


Jenni Summers said...
November 4, 2008 at 10:14 PM

Congratulations!!! I hope you've had the baby by now! Though I'm sure if you have you will not be checking this anytime soon as you are probably opting for sleep! Wishing you the best! Would love to catch up!

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