NieNie Day

Sometimes something happens which touches people far and wide. By chance, a few of the blogs I regularly read reported on the moving story of Stephanie and Christian Nielson, a couple that miraculously survived a plane crash but are still fighting for their lives. Their injuries are quite serious and both are expected to be in the hospital for months, enduring multiple surgeries and racking up medical bills into the millions. I don't know Stephanie, but from everything I've read, she's someone I'd like to know. To learn more about Nie and her family, go to C Jane Run (Nie's sister).

In the hopes of raising money for the Nielson's recovery, today has been named NieNie Day. Bloggers are hosting auctions and many with online stores are donating part of their profits today to the Nielsons. So if you're anything like me and love shopping, especially online shopping, channel that urge and shop for a good cause. Design Mom has compiled a list of many of the auctions and online shops donating to the cause, so check it out! Not into shopping? You can also donate to the family by clicking on the Donate to NieNie button on the right.


danielle said...
September 1, 2008 at 10:28 AM

Thanks so much for bidding on the tree onesie. You won it! For $30. Would you just email me your paypal receipt (I see you have a "donate" button so I assume you know how) as well as your mailing address and I will get it sent off to you. My email is

thanks again!

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