Makes me Happy

Today happiness =

1) Fitting into a size small Target maxi dress (that's not maternity and yes it's an Ella Moss knockoff) - their sizing must run large or else I'm an extremely lucky pregger.

2) Opi's new nail polish color "You Don't Know Jacques!" It's lighter than my fav Lincoln Park After Dark, a nice grayish mauve. Like dirty snow on my nails (in a good way).

3) Philosophy's Baby Grace perfume - "if God has a face, surely it is that of a child. and if there is a place called heaven, it must smell like a baby, and if we do live forever, it must be in the pure joy of a child's innocent laughter, and if we have lived before, than the arrival of your baby feels like a reconciling with the most important spirit you've ever loved or will love. in the eyes of a baby, we feel all the fragility and all of the magic of the universe and beyond...."

4) and Tori and Dean - Home Sweet Hollywood. I'm addicted!


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