Simply Good Curry

I've been on a curry kick lately. I made this awesome recipe for Chicken Curry Salad from a blog called Simply Recipes and Chris and I have been eating it for a couple days now. The first night I served it warm (we couldn't wait for it to cool, we were starved) over couscous with a green salad. Awesome. Next day I had it cold with couscous. Summery goodness. Then Chris took couscous, the chicken salad, lettuce, some shredded cheddar cheese (cheese? yeah, that's what I said but he swears it was good), added some extra mayo, olive oil and a dash of hot sauce, and threw it all in a tortilla - ta da, chicken curry wraps. It just doesn't get old. Now I'm dying to try the latest curry recipe to hit the blog, Mango Chicken Curry. Oh yeah, baby...bring on the mangos! Anyone else have good curry recipes to try? (ps...for you veggies out there, I bet these recipes would be great if you substituted fried tofu or tempeh, yum!)
Photo from Simply Recipes, although my curry salad looked just as good!


MJ said...
May 9, 2008 at 1:43 PM

Curried chickpeas! Curried chickpeas!! Yum!

(I still think it's rather amusing how you have embraced "the dark side" of eating meat once again... get some soy recipes going, Pinks! I know you can do it!!)


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