Got Flair?

Jen Aniston in Office Space had flair, but do blogs really need flair? Go to your favorite blog and look on the columns at the sides and look at the footer - what do you see? That's flair, baby! Advertisements, links to other sites, proclamations that the blog is affiliated with one or more online cliques. Being new to this wonderful world of blogging, I can't help but wonder if such flair is necessary in order for a blog to be popular. I can't condemn it as I've been sucked into it myself. For instance, yesterday I posted a linked graphic for Blog Action Day. I'm into it and would hope that others are too so I posted it. But where does one draw the line? I started up this blog as an outlet for creativity and expression. My goal wasn't to create another cluttered space in my life (the backseat of my car is cluttered enough). Do I want to express myself on my blog - "You know what, yeah, I do. I do want to express myself, okay. And I don't need 37 pieces of flair to do it."

Another thing I've been pondering - the sometimes overwhelming influx of online social networking sites. Is everyone on FaceBook except for me? I think so. Or am I too old for FaceBook? I really don't know. I hope that doesn't make me an old fart. As much as I like the concept and I think the forum can be fun and useful, I don't think I could juggle my time between MySpace, FaceBook, hi5, LinkedIn, etc etc. Keeping my blog up-to-date is difficult enough. So here's my Word for the Day: Balance. Now I'm going to do a little stretch, say Ommmmm and get back to work...on my computer.


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