The Goods

Keeping with yesterday's green theme, I'm going to share with you a dress that I've been wanting to buy for a while now. It's basically the same wildly popular dress from American Apparel, but made with organic fibers. Woo hoo and it's not that expensive. Gotta love it. You can find a similar dress at Tranquilit (love their clothes, so soft and comfy). That one is a little different (I kinda like it better) and pricier.

In other news...

Familiar with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Well, I'm thinking that my purchase of this awes vintage Valentino bag from ebay qualifies as Reuse. Green points for me. I'm doing my part. (this is how I'm justifying buying a bag I don't really need - but will use). See pic below (sorry for the bad pic quality, I took the photo from my cellphone).
I was worried it wouldn't look as good in person as it did on ebay, but I was pleasantly surprised. It only has a couple minor scuffs, otherwise looks brand new. Scoring designer goods for cheap makes me happy. That and ice cream.


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