Ice Cream, You Scream? Someone please intervene!

Disclaimers: I am not a Britney fan. My home computer is on the fritz so I can't post my Skidaway Island pics, so this is going to have to do.

Wow. Brit what ARE we going to do with you? First I was appalled, then fascinated, then appalled, now I just feel sorry for her. But you gotta give it to her - people comment on her less than perfect physique - she chows down on ice cream. I kind of like that about her. Of course, really she's depressed and insecure and instead of going to rehab (again) and some serious counseling, she rebels like the lil' rebellious teen mom she is. She's on the Elvis train - drugs, alcohol and excess food. Woooo woooo, all aboard it's going to be a long ride. At least she's got on some cute glasses (doesn't make up for the rest of her "look"). Do you think she needs them?

OK, work calls. I'll try to post something more intelligent later.


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