Yesterday = Lazy

Do squirrels flirt? I think the one outside my window is totally flirting with me while I type. Yes, definitely. He's flicking his tail and looking straight at me. And I wonder why I'm having trouble working today! Anyhoo yesterday I spent the day in a lovely lazy way - reading Harry Potter (so addictive) in Columbia Square (near Chris' studio). Very nice square, not too populated. Just the occassional tour trolly or carriage or local walking a dog (count: two beagles, a poodle, and two mutts). After a long afternoon reading I was craving a cold drink so I set off and found... Smooth.

Smooth is a cute little smoothie shop near Wright Square. I'll definitely go back - good smoothies and free wifi. Maybe I was inspired, but this morning I made the Peach Tea "Milkshake" (it's really more like a smoothie than a milkshake) from the Teany Cafe cookbook (think Moby, think NY, think Yum!). It turned out pretty good, tasting like cold peach cobbler. Speaking of recipes, turns out an old coworker of mine (she's not old, we just used to work together) shared her blog with me and she has some great recipes - if interested, check out TastyLifeStyle. I think I'm going to try her Lemon Fried Goat Cheese Salad - sounds like perfect summer food, plus you really can't go wrong with fried cheese. That's all for now...guess I should get back to work.


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