Curbside Recycling, Y'all!

Strangely enough, Savannah doesn't have curbside recycling. When I first heard this fact I was in shock. I knew the South would be different...but come on! Recycling is no longer for tree-huggers alone, even conservatives (well some conservatives) have embraced the notion. The latest is that a local Mayor Wannabe has announced that he filed for a petition to collect signatures to put curbside recycling up for a citywide vote. Interested? Visit Who's to say whether or not Mr. Mayor Wannabe is just jumping on the environmental bandwagon. I'm still trying to figure out who's who on the local political scene, but I'm just happy that someone is making an effort. As the article in ConnectSavannah notes, the Sierra Club Coastal Group put up their own petition online two years ago: Of course, I promptly signed it. You should too - it couldn't hurt!

[Above photo of Forsyth Park swiped from the site - gotta give credit where credit is due.]


MJ said...
September 4, 2007 at 9:21 AM

Do you at least have a recycling center nearby (I hope?)? It annoys us to no end that there's supposedly "recycling" in our complex, yet all those items are put out on trash days and left in the same location (no separate bins, mind you). How the recycling doesn't end up in the trash, I have no idea!

Jen (Pink) Williams said...
September 4, 2007 at 12:07 PM

To the best of my knowledge - there's a lot of different places that take recyclables, but if you have say glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and newspapers all to recycle - you might wind up driving to 4 different locations to drop them off. LAME! It looks like there's a couple recycling centers (in Pooler and Wilmington Island) but they're not in city limits.

Leigh said...
September 14, 2007 at 2:02 PM

There are two (I believe) recycling centers on West Gwinett Street that take everything. You separate it yourself - but they do take it all. And now that it is such a hot political topic it looks like curbside is on the fast track for approval!

On a different note - Jen, welcome to Savannah. I'll look for you at "Sharkwater!"

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